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Diverting the Peace River

How we divert the river

Latest river diversion updates

Excavators remove material to open the cofferdam on the inlet channel.

  Peace River diverted around Site C dam site  October 3, 2020

One of the most important steps in building Site C is to change the route of a short section of the Peace River during construction. Diverting the river allows us to build the earthfill dam across the main river channel, while keeping the river flowing.

We’ll do this by using two large diversion tunnels, approximately 750 metres long and 11 metres in diameter, which are located on the north bank of the river.

Due to the fluctuation of river flows and varying demands on our upstream generating facilities throughout the year, diverting the Peace River must occur in late summer or early fall. Diversion is scheduled to take place in fall 2020 over a period of several weeks.

After all pre-diversion construction work is complete (at the dam site and on the river), it will take a number of weeks to safely reroute the river. Once water is flowing through the tunnels, construction will begin on two temporary cofferdams across the river, creating a dry construction area to build the central portion of the earthfill dam.

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