Construction Activities

BC Hydro is committed to providing Peace region residents, businesses, communities and Aboriginal groups with information about Site C construction activities in a timely manner.

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Construction Overview

Construction of Site C takes place over many years and in various locations. To better explain Site C construction, we have organized activities by the following six categories: Dam Site Area, Roads & Highways, Peace River/Reservoir Area, Transmission Lines, Hudson's Hope Shoreline Protection, and the Production & Transport of Materials.

Our principles for Site C construction

  • We will uphold a safety-first culture for the people working on the Site C project and for people living and travelling near our construction sites.
  • We will strive to minimize construction-related impacts to residents, businesses, property owners, communities and Aboriginal groups in the Site C project area.
  • We will inform and notify Peace region residents, businesses, property owners, communities and Aboriginal groups about Site C construction activities and schedule.
  • We will foster a two-way dialogue between BC Hydro and Peace region residents, businesses, property owners, communities and Aboriginal groups to ensure we are aware of local interests, issues and concerns.
  • We will promote business and job opportunities for local, regional and Aboriginal companies and workers during Site C construction.

Site Preparation Activities

Construction of Site C started with site preparation activities. This work has included:

  • The movement of heavy equipment, construction materials and workers to the dam site
  • Clearing trees and vegetation on the north and south banks of the dam site area and along the Moberly River
  • Constructing access roads and a 329-metre-long temporary construction bridge across the Peace River at the dam site
  • Excavation work and the relocation of materials within the dam site area
  • Building a 1,600-person worker accommodation camp within the dam site area
  • Constructing a new siding near the existing Septimus siding on the CN railway line on the south bank within the dam site area
  • Installing power and telecommunications infrastructure required for construction at the dam site area
  • Public road improvements to 240, 269, 271 and Old Fort roads

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Dam, Generating Station, Spillways

Once the site is prepared, construction of the dam, generating station and spillways can take place. This includes:

  • Constructing two temporary cofferdams and diversion tunnels
  • Building an 800-metre-long roller-compacted-concrete buttress
  • Constructing an earthfill dam approximately 1,050 metres long and 60 metres high above the riverbed
  • Building a generating station
  • Installing six 183 MW generating units

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Other activities include:

  • Constructing a public viewpoint on the north bank of the Peace River
  • Building a Site C substation on the south bank of the Site C dam site
  • Once construction is completed, demobilization and site reclamation

Public Road Improvements

As part of Site C construction, public road improvements will be made to sections of 240, 269, 271 and Old Fort roads to enable truck traffic to and from the dam site. This work has included:

  • Upgrading and paving 1.6 kilometres of 240 Road
  • Upgrading and paving 900 meters of 269 Road
  • Shoulder widening and paving 3.0 kilometres of 271 Road
  • A combination of widening, paving and a partial realignment totalling 5.6 kilometres of Old Fort Road
  • Installing street lights at various intersections along Old Fort Road and 240 Road

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Highway 29 Realignments

The creation of the Site C reservoir will require six segments of Highway 29 to be realigned over a total distance of approximately 30 km. This work includes:

  • Bear Flat/Cache Creek (8.5 km)
  • Halfway River (4.0 km)
  • Farrell Creek East (6.0 km)
  • Farrell Creek (2.0 km)
  • Dry Creek (1.5 km)
  • Lynx Creek (8.0 km)

Highway 29 will remain open during the realignment work as the majority of the work will take place away from the existing highway.

The Site C project will result in an 83-kilometre-long reservoir that will be, on average, two to three times the width of the current river. To create the reservoir, construction activities include:

  • Permanent navigation restriction of the Peace River at the dam site to ensure public safety. This will be done using booms and other markers upstream and downstream of the dam site
  • Installing beacons with lights on the north and south shore of the Peace River, upstream and downstream of the Site C dam site, to mark the construction area
  • Clearing trees and vegetation along the Site C reservoir area
  • River channelization (confining the river to allow construction activities on either side)
  • River diversion around the Site C dam site
  • Filling the Site C reservoir

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BC Hydro will construct two new 500 kV transmission lines along an existing 75 km transmission right-of-way to connect Site C to the overall transmission network through the existing Peace Canyon substation. Transmission work will include the following activities:

  • Surveying and siting for towers
  • Construction/upgrading of access roads
  • Right-of-way clearing and preparation
  • Transmission line construction
  • Peace Canyon switchyard expansion including civil and electrical work
  • Site C substation construction including civil and electrical work

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As part of Site C construction, a berm will be constructed at Hudson's Hope to protect to the shoreline. Activities at Hudson's Hope include:

  • Upgrades to D.A. Thomas Road
  • Construction of a berm along the shoreline
  • Re-paving Clarke Avenue, if required
  • Recreation improvements, including a trail along the berm downstream of the museum area and a small craft launch
  • Transport of material for the berm from Portage Mountain via Canyon Drive

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Off-site materials for the construction of Site C will be obtained from regional quarries and will be transported to site, primarily by truck. The materials will be gathered from:

  • 85th Avenue Industrial Lands: The site will be used for temporary laydown and storage for equipment and materials, as a location for potential site office, and as a source of construction material (glacial till) for the dam
  • Portage Mountain Quarry: Riprap and bedding material for the Hudson's Hope shoreline protection, and for Highway 29 construction
  • West Pine Quarry: A material source for access roads and the construction bridge
  • Wuthrich Quarry: A source of riprap and bedding