In the Community

This section provides information for Peace Region residents, Aboriginal groups, communities and property owners.

Regional Community Liaison Committee

We're engaging key municipal, regional and provincial government stakeholders to ensure they are kept up to date on the status of the project.

The Regional Community Liaison Committee is an advisory forum for local, regional and provincial government officials to receive information about project construction, mitigation and compliance reporting, and to bring forward community interests, issues and concerns about the project.

The committee meets regularly during construction. In addition to the Regional Community Liaison Committee, we'll continue to meet directly with municipalities to implement individual community measures agreements and engage with key municipal staff to discuss specific issues of interest.

The Terms of Reference for the Regional Community Liaison Committee provides more information on the objectives and structure of the committee and meetings.

Regional Community Liaison Committee Meeting Information

Date Location Documents
June 15, 2022 Web conference
March 16, 2022 Web conference
December 8, 2021 Web conference
September 29, 2021 Web conference
June 9, 2021 Web conference
March 17, 2021 Web conference
November 25, 2020 Web conference
September 9, 2020 Web conference
June 10, 2020 Web conference
March 11, 2020 Fort St. John
December 11, 2019 Fort St. John
September 18, 2019 Taylor
June 19, 2019 Fort St. John
March 13, 2019 Fort St. John
November 28, 2018 Fort St. John
September 19, 2018 Fort St. John
May 16, 2018 Fort St. John
January 31, 2018 Fort St. John
September 6, 2017 Fort St. John
March 10, 2017 Fort St. John
December 7, 2016 Fort St. John
September 7, 2016 Fort St. John
June 29, 2016 Fort St. John
May 27, 2016 Fort St. John
April 22, 2016 Fort St. John
March 11, 2016 Fort St. John

Regional Community Liaison Committee Annual Report

Date Documents
March 31, 2022
March 31, 2021
March 31, 2020
March 29, 2019
March 29, 2018
June 30, 2017