Construction Activities

BC Hydro is committed to providing Peace region residents, businesses, communities and Aboriginal groups with information about Site C construction activities in a timely manner.

Please sign up for construction updates to make sure you are receiving up-to-date information from the Site C project.

Notification Information

BC Hydro regularly issues information items, including letters, advisories and postcards, to local residents and stakeholders. These items provide information about specific upcoming construction activities.

Penstock deliveries

Large penstock segments are being transported from a manufacturing facility in Fort St. John to the Site C dam site. Due to the size of the penstocks, there will be minor traffic delays along Old Fort Rd. as we move the equipment in oversized trucks.

The scheduled overnight deliveries will take about two hours. Delays will last approximately 10 to 35 minutes, with some detours.

Upcoming overnight deliveries (subject to change)

  • Monday, June 20, 2022

Past notifications