Generating Station and Spillways Civil Works

The generating station and spillways component of the Site C project will be procured through multiple contracts, including the civil works contract, hydro-mechanical equipment supply contract and powerhouse bridge crane supply contract and a balance of plant contract.

The scope of the contract includes the construction of the civil works associated with the powerhouse, penstocks, spillways and power intakes, including:

  • Processing and production of all aggregates and granular materials required for the works;
  • Placement of approximately 700,000 cubic metres of mass and reinforced concrete for spillways, intakes, penstock encasement and powerhouse substructure;
  • Procurement, fabrication and erection of six penstocks each 10 metres in diameter and 80 metres in length;
  • Procurement, fabrication and erection of structural steel in the powerhouse;
  • Procurement and installation of intake trashracks and anti-vortex devices;
  • Procurement and installation of embedded pipes, ground grid and conduit; and
  • Turbine-generator embedment activities (e.g. concrete placement).

The scope of work will predominantly be constructed on a roller-compacted concrete buttress that is being constructed by Peace River Hydro Partners, as part of the main civil works contract.

Procurement Information

Contract Award
March 2, 2018 
BC Hydro awards three Site C project contracts


Aecon-Flatiron-Dragados-EBC Partnership

Preferred Proponent
December 21, 2017 
BC Hydro moves to next phase for awarding the Site C generating station and spillways civil works contract
Request for Proposals
September 23, 2016 

BC Hydro announces shortlist for generating station and spillways civil works.

The shortlisted proponents are:

  • Aecon-Flatiron-Dragados-EBC Partnership

  • Bechtel Canada Co.

  • Peace River Hydro Partners 2

  • Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co.

Request for Qualifications
May 5, 2016 
 BC Hydro issues RFQ for generating station and spillways civil works

Additional Information

BC Hydro Job Opportunities

For information about Site C project construction jobs, please visit the Job Opportunities section of the website. To view current opportunities with BC Hydro, please visit BC Hydro Careers

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