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Public advisory: Halfway River section reopens; boaters urged to exercise caution

An eight-kilometre section of the Halfway River has reopened to boat traffic.

This section of the river was closed to boaters from September 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021, while BC Hydro cleared vegetation to prepare for the Site C reservoir. During this time, several temporary crossings, including causeways, were constructed across the Halfway River and its backchannels to provide access to and from the work site.

Bridge decks from these crossings have now been removed. The Halfway River channel may have been altered by construction works, particularly in the areas immediately around the temporary crossings. Boaters should watch for submerged or partially submerged hazards, such as large boulders, in these areas.

Boaters are urged to observe and obey all signage and to use extreme caution while on the Halfway River, especially when water levels are low.

Boaters are also reminded the section of the Peace River around the Site C dam site is permanently closed to boaters. Being on or near the water around the Site C construction area presents a serious safety risk to river users. Boaters are urged to stay away from the area and observe and obey all signage and beacons.

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