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Indigenous Relations

We're working with Indigenous communities to build long-term relationships by incorporating their interests into the Site C project and finding ways to mitigate impacts and advance reconciliation together.

Indigenous Traditional Use Fund

Supporting Indigenous Traditional Use Projects

BC Hydro established the Indigenous Traditional Use Fund (ITUF) to mitigate the impacts of the Site C project and help preserve land and resources for traditional use. The details and approach to the ITUF were collaboratively developed by BC Hydro and the participating Indigenous Nations. 

Fort Nelson First Nation-ITUF project Guats’edeh’tsi/Asahketowin – Sharing our Knowledge

Nations Eligible for Funding 

The 13 Indigenous Nations identified in the Site C Environmental Assessment Certificate and Federal Decision Statement are eligible for ITUF funding. 

Funding and Project Overview

The Indigenous Traditional Use Fund is valued at $15 million, including $2 million allocated to the Culture and Heritage Resources Committee. The Nations participate in the process for determining how the funds are used, in partnership with BC Hydro.

Eligible Nations can apply annually for individual Nation project funding, for a cumulative total of $500,000. Multi-Nation project funding ($1.5 million) is also available and is intended for larger scale projects that involve collaboration amongst eligible Indigenous Nations. 

All ITUF projects are developed and implemented by Indigenous Nations.

Indigenous Traditional Use Fund Objectives

•    Mitigate the impacts of Site C on the current use of land and resources for traditional purposes
•    Address traditional use concerns that are not covered by existing Site C programs and conditions
•    Build capacity and foster collaboration with the 13 Indigenous Nations impacted by Site C through program development, governance, and project implementation
•    Create meaningful space for traditional ecological knowledge and western science in the implementation of programs and projects
•    Develop projects aligned with shared values that result in trusted data, accessible information, and meaningful outcomes

Projects Supported by the Indigenous Traditional Use Fund

Individual Nation Projects

Hudson’s Hope gathering space

Watch the unveiling of the community gathering space built by the Metis Nation B.C. with the help of ITUF funding.

Blueberry River First Nations Culture and History Video Project 

Blueberry River First Nations is in the third year of a multi-year project to produce a documentary video or series of short videos to teach the history and culture of the Nation’s Dane-zaa and Cree people and their lands. These stories will help future generations understand their heritage and culture and help educate the public about the first peoples of the Peace River Region.

Learn about some additional individual projects in our ITUF information sheet PDF 318 KB

Multi-Nation Project

Ungulate Habitat Enhancement, Peace View Island, Peace River B.C.

The future ‘Peace View Island’ is located south of Highway 29, just west of Watson Slough. The island will form once the reservoir fills and is anticipated to be approximately 26 ha in size, the second largest island in the Site C reservoir. Halfway River First Nation is in the process of implementing a multi-year study, funded by ITUF, to record and monitor ungulate movement throughout the Peace River Valley as they have concerns about migration patterns after the reservoir forms. Halfway brought forward a Multi-Nation project recommendation to the Site C Environmental Forum. The project focused on Peace View Island as the first location for habitat enhancement as it was deemed as the most likely to have the greatest benefit, considering the location and current environmental state. The project was approved by participating Nations. 

Ungulate habitat enhancement work at Peace View Island, implemented by multiple First Nations in collaboration with BC Hydro.

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