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BC Hydro completes major milestone on Site C transmission line work

VANCOUVER: The second and final 500 kilovolt, 75 kilometre transmission line on the Site C project has been completed and energized.

With this milestone, the work to connect the new Site C substation to the BC Hydro grid is complete. Once the Site C project begins generating electricity, the transmission lines will help deliver clean energy to the rest of the province.

The two 75 kilometre transmission lines run along an existing right-of-way between Site C and the Peace Canyon generating station. The project's first 500 kilovolt, 75 kilometre transmission line – along with the Site C substation – were both completed and energized in the fall of 2020.

BC Hydro awarded the Site C transmission line construction contract to Allteck Line Contractors Inc. (now Allteck Limited Partnership) in 2018. Since construction started on this part of the project in summer 2018, crews have built more than 400 towers and strung lines over a total of 150 kilometres.

The two transmission lines are a major component of the Site C project, which also consists of the new 500 kilovolt substation and expanding the existing Peace Canyon 500 kilovolt gas-insulated switchgear to incorporate the two new 500 kilovolt transmission line terminals.

Work to complete three other 500 kilovolt transmission lines that will span one kilometre between the Site C generating station and Site C substation is still underway. This work is expected to be complete in 2023.

More information about the Site C project’s transmission line work can be found here.