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Site C main civil works contract to create thousands of construction jobs, business opportunities for B.C.

Preferred proponent named for single largest construction contract for Site C

VANCOUVER – BC Hydro has selected Peace River Hydro Partners as the preferred proponent for the Site C main civil works contract. Peace River Hydro Partners include ACCIONA Infrastructure Canada Inc., Petrowest Corporation and Samsung C&T Canada Ltd.

Main civil works is the largest single contract for the construction of the Site C project, and includes the construction of an earthfill dam, two diversion tunnels and a concrete foundation for the generating station and spillways.

Work under this contract is expected to create approximately 8,000 person-years of employment over the eight-year contract, along with business opportunities for local, regional and Aboriginal businesses. Approximately 1,500 people will be working on main civil works at the peak of construction.

To meet the demand for jobs and business opportunities, BC Hydro is planning a series of job fairs and business-to-business networking sessions in early 2016. The sessions will provide an opportunity for local, regional and Aboriginal businesses and job seekers to meet the main civil works preferred proponent and other contractors.

A rigorous evaluation process concluded that Peace River Hydro Partners has a strong delivery record for projects of a similar size and nature and best met BC Hydro’s requirements for the Site C main civil works contract.

BC Hydro issued a Request for Qualifications in April 2014 and shortlisted four proponent teams to provide proposals for the main civil works contract. BC Hydro received proposals from all four teams in October 2015.  A contract is expected to be awarded by early 2016. The proposal by Peace River Hydro Partners is within the budget established by BC Hydro, and is included in the $8.335 billion cost estimate for Site C.

While main civil works is the largest contract for Site C, other upcoming major construction contracts include: turbines and generators, generating station and spillways, Highway 29 realignment, and substation and transmission lines.


Premier Christy Clark:
“The Site C project is creating thousands of jobs for our province, as well as significant opportunities for apprenticeships, skills training, and business contracts. As B.C.’s diverse economy continues to grow, Site C is part of our vision to meet long-term energy needs, providing clean, renewable and affordable electricity for generations.”

Hon. Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy and Mines and Minister Responsible for Core Review:
“I’m very pleased to see the Site C project continuing to make good progress with the selection of a preferred proponent for main civil works. This work is significant and it is going to create jobs and business opportunities for people and businesses across British Columbia.”

Jessica McDonald, President and CEO, BC Hydro:
“We are pleased to see a strong response to the procurement of the main civil works contract, and are encouraged by the competitive pricing of the preferred proponent. The rigorous competitive selection process has reconfirmed the project budget for the largest Site C contract, and has also ensured we got the best value for our customers.”

Hon. Mike Bernier, MLA, Peace River South:
“Main civil works is the single largest work package for Site C and it will provide jobs and economic benefits for the Peace region. I look forward to seeing a contract award soon and the start of construction of the earthfill dam. This is a very good achievement for the project.”

Pat Pimm, MLA, Peace River North:
“It’s good to see the main civil works preferred proponent selected and I look forward to seeing the job fairs and business networking sessions take place early in 2016. As the single biggest work component of the project, main civil works is expected to provide many business and job opportunities for the region.”

Rick Quigley, Peace River Hydro Partners:
“Peace River Hydro Partners are excited to be part of building a legacy project that will benefit British Columbians for generations to come. Our partnership has strong roots in Fort St. John, and I’m proud to be a part of the team building a clean energy project in the same community in which I live and work. We look forward to working closely with local workers and First Nations communities to maximize the economic opportunity for families in the Peace region.”

Quick Facts:

  • Construction of the project will contribute $3.2 billion to the provincial economy.

  • The main civil works contract comprises the majority of earthworks required to construct the Site C project, including:

    • Approximately 32 million cubic metres of excavation for structures, including the approach channel and tailrace.

    • River diversion works, including construction of two 10.8 metre internal diameter concrete-lined tunnels between 700 metres to 800 metres in length, and associated cofferdams and intake and outlet structures.

    • Earthfill dam – central core zoned earth embankment approximately 1,050 metres long and 60 metres above the present river level.

    • A roller-compacted concrete buttress – approximately 800 metres in length to a maximum height of 70 metres.

    • Significant ancillary works such as a permanent network of site roads, site drainage and debris handling facilities.

  • Once built, Site C will provide clean, reliable and affordable electricity for more than 100 years. It will provide enough electricity to power the equivalent of about 450,000 homes per year.

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