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Public advisory: Construction begins on temporary bridge to island in Peace River

In early September, construction is starting on a temporary bridge to an island in the Peace River near Halfway River, as part of clearing activities for the Site C project. The bridge allows workers to remove vegetation from the island and prepare for the creation of the new reservoir.

The Rotary Forest Recreation Site on the island is now closed. Boaters and recreational users are asked to stay clear of the work area.

Construction is expected to last several months. The bridge will be dismantled in 2020, once the island has been cleared of vegetation. Clearing activities, which include logging, hauling, and burning, will occur on the banks of the Peace River every winter until the Site C project is complete in 2023.

Once complete, the reservoir will be two to three times the width of the current river and extend west from the Site C dam to the community of Hudson’s Hope. Although filling the reservoir will be one of the last activities to take place, the area first needs to be cleared of trees and vegetation. This is common practice for hydroelectric dams, since it allows wood to be harvested, supports a safe boating environment, and reduces the amount of methylmercury in the reservoir.

What to expect
  • Work will generally occur during daylight hours, seven days a week.
  • Navigational hazards in the work zone, identified with signage. Boaters should use caution and stay clear of the area. - Drivers are asked to drive carefully along Highway 29, and watch for and safety signage and crew.
  • There will be increased clearing-related traffic in the area, such as hauling trucks and logging equipment.
  • There will be increased dust and noise.
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