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Public advisory: burning in Site C project areas planned this spring

FORT ST. JOHN – Clearing and debris management is underway in various Site C project areas. Merchantable trees of sufficient size, quality and volume to make them suitable for harvest and transport will be hauled to local mills. The remaining wood waste and non-merchantable trees may be chipped, mulched, spread as coarse woody debris or burned on site.

Contractors can only burn during weather periods known as "venting windows." These are periods where there are appropriate weather conditions for the disbursement of smoke, as established by the Ministry of Environment.

Burning is expected to occur in the following areas, when appropriate venting windows are available:

  • Reservoir area: Burning will occur in the lower reservoir area on the south bank of the Peace River, directly west of the dam site. Burning may begin as early as March 1 and will take place over a four to six week period.
  • Transmission line corridor: Burning will occur in the 75-kilometre transmission line right-of-way between the Site C dam site and the Peace Canyon Dam. Burning may begin as early as March 1 and will take place over a six-week period.
  • Portage Mountain and West Pine quarries: Burning will occur in these quarries, beginning as early as March 20, and will take place over a one to two week period.

BC Hydro's contractor will plan and monitor any burning carefully, including the timing, the size and location of the wood piles, and the smoke being emitted. Contractors must comply with BC Hydro's Vegetation Clearing and Debris Management Plan and the Smoke Management Plan to ensure wood waste disposal activities are well-managed and coordinated.

For more information:
Call the toll-free project line: 1-877-217-0777
Email the project team: [email protected]