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Public advisory: Bird deterrents installed at construction areas near Lynx Creek

To deter waterfowl from nesting in Highway 29 construction areas, bird deterrents are being installed at two locations on the Peace River near Lynx Creek.

Placed on Gates Island and Dry Island near Hudson's Hope, the deterrents will emit sounds that are similar to birds' warning calls. These sounds are expected to deter nesting birds away from the construction sites on the island. If the natural bird sounds are ineffective, electronic sounds may be used. A large strobe light will also shine from the top of the bird deterrent.

The bird deterrents target geese, ducks and killdeer. They will operate 24 hours a day until the end of nesting season in late July. Sounds last three to 10 seconds and will be heard as far as 400 metres away.

Lynx Creek is one of several sections of Highway 29 being realigned in preparation for the Site C reservoir.

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