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BC Hydro seeking input into Site C consultation process

BC Hydro is commencing a pre-consultation process to seek input from local, regional, and provincial communities and stakeholders on the potential for an additional hydroelectric facility on the Peace River – Site C. As directed in the BC Energy Plan and announced by the Premier in September 2007 at the Union of British Columbia Municipalities convention, the project is one of several options available to help meet the growing gap between the supply and demand of electricity in BC.

BC Hydro has completed its Stage 1 evaluation of Site C, as part of a five stage process, and is currently in the second stage of project review - project definition and comprehensive consultation. Stage 2 will begin with BC Hydro seeking input on how people want to be consulted about the project and on the topics they wish to discuss.

In a parallel pre-consultation process, BC Hydro will also seek advice from First Nations about how they wish to be consulted and which issues and concerns might need to be addressed through the evaluation of Site C.

No decision to build Site C has been made, and a decision on whether or not to proceed is years away. Site C is only one option being considered to help meet British Columbia’s long-term electricity needs, along with energy conservation and efficiency as the first and best choice, purchases from independent power producers and re- investment in existing assets. At the current rate of electricity consumption, BC Hydro’s forecasting shows that over the next two decades, demand for electricity in British Columbia could grow by as much as 45 per cent.

If built, Site C would be the third dam and hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River. It would provide a reliable, clean, and renewable source of electricity for more than 100 years. It would supply in the range of 900 MW of reliable, dependable electricity, providing about eight per cent of BC’s existing electricity demands.

For more information on the project, including the Stage 1 report on project feasibility, and information on how to get involved in the consultation process for Site C, please visit


Gillian Robinson
Media Relations
BC Hydro
Phone: 604-623-4022