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Site C COVID-19 updates

Site C daily update

There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Site C. The on-site health clinic is following B.C. Ministry of Health guidelines, which require people to self-isolate for 10 days if they show any of the following symptoms: sneezing, sore throat, muscle aches, headaches, cough fever or difficulty breathing. BC Hydro is being very cautious with our application of the guidelines and asking people to self-isolate with any slight symptom.

Site C camp status: March 29, 2020  
Number of people in camp  827
Number of people in self-isolation at camp  4

BC Hydro’s top priority on the Site C project will always be the safety of our employees, workers and people living in the community.

There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the Site C project.

Following a conversation with local mayors and elected officials on March 22, BC Hydro committed that it would not move any Site C worker in self-isolation at camp into the city.

We look forward to further conversations with the City of Fort St. John to discuss the measures we’re taking to keep workers and the community safe, while reducing the potential impact on local hospitals and medical facilities.

The project is strictly following provincial health guidelines at site and we will continue to work with Northern Health to develop an acceptable approach to moving workers back to their homes.

Site C is an important project for the local economy and we will continue to move the project forward on critical work areas.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our employees, contractors and members of the public. We have been monitoring COVID-19 closely since January 2020 and have been taking appropriate action as the situation evolves.

To minimize the risk of transmission to our site we've implemented measures to mitigate the risk of a COVID-19 event occurring.

These include:

  • scaling back certain construction activities on site to reduce the number of workers staying at the worker accommodation lodge and fewer workers travelling to and from Fort St. John and the Peace Region;
  • restrictions on non-essential travel for BC Hydro employees and consulting service providers;
  • postponing all non-essential site tours, meetings and on-site training; and
  • increasing site-wide communications promoting good hygiene, such as frequent hand washing and staying home when ill.

We have been working closely with lodge operators and the on-site health clinic to quickly implement enhanced measures to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 event occurring at site.

Common area closures

The following common areas have been closed to maintain social distancing guidelines:

  • Spiritual room
  • TV and games rooms
  • Movie theatre
  • Recreational rooms and gym
  • The Bean Café
  • Two Rivers Lounge
  • Hair salon
Dining room

BC Hydro and the lodge operator have revised procedures in the dining room to protect workers and maintain social distancing guidelines.

  • Guests are required to wash their hands prior to entering the dining room and mug-up room.
  • Tables are set up to help workers adhere to social distancing guidelines (fewer seats at each table and tables spaced farther apart).
  • Dining tables are cleaned after each use and additional touchless hand sanitizing stations are available.
  • All self-service food stations, such as beverage dispensers and the salad bar, are closed. Certain foods, such as salads, are now prepackaged.
  • Cups/mugs, cutlery and all condiments, such as sugar packets, ketchup, etc., need to be requested.
  • Two hot food line-ups will be in effect to provide more efficient service times.
  • Additional staff are on site to manage these changes and ensure social distancing guidelines are followed.
Health clinic

The Site C Health Clinic, managed by International SOS, is well equipped with experienced health practitioners, test kits and medical supplies. In addition, the camp has the ability to comfortably isolate any workers who are awaiting test results, or who may test positive for COVID-19.

The Site C shuttle service between Two Rivers Lodge and Fort St. John is still operating and we continue to monitor and evaluate its use. We have eliminated one non-essential stop on the route and it is primarily used by camp guests who need to re-provision their personal needs. There has been a decrease in shuttle usage in recent days given the scaling down of activities at Site C, with an average of two shuttle passengers per trip.

Enhanced cleaning measures are in place, along with measures that align with provincial health authority guidance for social distancing. Any modifications to shuttle services will be aligned with public transportation changes under BC Transit. Read more about BC Transit’s response to COVID-19.

Learn what else BC Hydro is doing in response to COVID-19.